Fat Tony & Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell

After making a huge impact on the modelling industry over the course of a long and successful career, Naomi Campbell’s latest venture involves teaming up with DJ legend Fat Tony giving special celebrity DJ performances at the classiest of parties. To book Naomi Campbell, please contact MN2S Booking Agency in London.

After starting her career in modelling at just 15 years old, Naomi Campbell made waves at 18 when she became the first black woman on the cover of French Vogue and the on the cover of TIME magazine. Well-known for her partnerships with designers like Ralph Lauren and Francois Nars, Naomi Campbell has also posed more erotically, for publications such as Playboy and Madonna’s book Sex.

Writing of the beginnings of her career, Campbell points to her earliest opportunities coming in the form of TV and music videos even before she enrolled at the Italia Conti School at the age of 13, the most exciting of which being Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’.

In addition to her early appearances in music videos, later on in her career Naomi Campbell furthered her TV and musical activities, featuring in many films and television productions, including the modelling competition reality show The Face and its international iterations, and released an R&B/pp studio album, Baby Woman, in 1994.

So revered is she in the international fashion world, that she was among the top three most recognisable models of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and one of six models of her generation whom the fashion industry labelled as ‘supermodels’

Naomi Campbell

Recalling the memorable day when she was scouted, Campbell reports simply hanging out I the street with friends from Italia Conti, all in uniform, when a woman approached her and asked if she had ever considered modelling. Despite her excitement at being spotted by none other than Beth Boldt of Synchro Agency, her mother was initially not keen on the idea, eager for Campbell to remain at school and complete her exams.

Despite her mother’s disapproval, Campbell sought another meeting with Boldt, and came to an agreement with her mother whereby she would be permitted to model as long as it didn’t interfere with her O-levels.

When asked the best way to make it in the current modelling world she stalls, explaining. “It’s just such a different time. And in my time, it was the designers and the photographers who were very supportive of the models. We had much closer relationships… It was a much smaller circle. We were very supportive, my group of ladies.”

Campbell remains very much at the forefront of the industry, still appearing at many high profile events, not least Kanye West’s listening/fashion show party. Although initially hesitant about accepting the invitation because of a bad ankle, she realised that walking Madison Square Garden was too big an opportunity to pass up. While backstage she was informed, somewhat unnervingly, that, “Kanye is going to feel organically when to call you. As an artist, he’s going to feel in the music when to call you.”

Being a model, her personal has long been well-publicised by the media, drawing attention especially for four highly publicised convictions for assault. Her relationships with a number of high profile celebrities have also received similar attention, not least her partnerships with Mike Tyson and Robert De Niro.

Naomi Campbell

Meeting Barack and Michelle Obama in 2005 at the Legends Ball at Oprah Winfrey’s house, she recalls how inspiring and charming Barack was and how Michelle approached her explaining that she had followed Campbell’s career for years and was a fan of Azzedine Alaïa.

In 1999 she entered rehab for treatment for an addiction to cocaine, explaining in 2005, that, “I was having fun. I was living this life of travelling the world and having people just give you anything. [But] the little glow in your face goes….It’s a very nasty drug.”

Now adding yet another string to her bow in what has been a hugely successful career to date, Naomi Campbell’s partnership with Fat Tony behind the DJ decks is sure to prove a popular one at top level celebrity parties around the globe. To book Naomi Campbell & Fat Tony as a celebrity DJ act, please get in touch with MN2S Booking Agency.

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