The 5 Coolest Movie Posters Featuring Black Actors.

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Whilst writing, filming, and editing are all incredibly difficult and time-consuming areas of creating a movie, advertising has arguably become the most important part of the business. After all, if barely anyone knows about your movie, then you went to a lot of effort for nothing. The advertising budget for Wonder Woman, for example, was well over $3 million – this is totally normal for blockbuster movies these days.

Trailers, TV spots, and magazine adverts fall under the movie marketing umbrella, but when all’s said and done, it’s really the movie poster which sticks in people’s minds and often becomes a collector’s item afterward. Of course, it’s hard to convey an entire feature-length movie into one still image, but there are a lot of creative folk out there who can manage it. Indie filmmakers have done well with getting their posters out there, which we think is awesome, as not everyone has access to a quick $3 million to spend. If you’ve got a cool design for a poster, a way to get them seen in public, and of course, a good movie to back it up, then you’re well on course to succeed in the biz.

But in this article, we wanted to pay homage to some incredibly cool posters featuring the hottest black Hollywood talent. The posters make these actors look beyond badass, and regardless of what you think of the movies themselves, you have to admit that these posters rule.

Django Unchained

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of vengeance” reads the tagline for Quentin Tarantino’s classic revenge tale set in 1850’s America. Despite fine performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz, this is Jamie Foxx’s show, and rightly so. With a menacing look in his eyes and a pistol in his hand, Jamie’s character, Django, is in no mood for messing around.

Bad Boys

1995’s Bad Boys was epic in every way, but funnily enough, the poster doesn’t actually go for big explosions or flipping cars – simply Martin Lawrence and Will Smith looking angry with guns drawn. Who are they pointing their guns out? I guess you’ll have to see the movie to find out! Tea Leoni looks good in the middle, as do the palm trees and the Porsche, but we also really love the bright yellow Miami sun beating down around them all.


Zoe Saldana was seriously cool in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but she’s never looked more badass than in Colombiana. Head bent against her gun, as if she hates what she’s about to do but has no other choice, Colombiana sets the stage for an action film with vengeance heavy on the mind, just like Django Unchained.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Although we liked Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars movies, our favorite black actor in the SW universe has got to be John Boyega. Looking defiant while holding a cool-looking blue lightsaber, the casting of Boyega for the Stormtrooper-gone-rogue character of Finn was absolutely perfect. Boyega also has a good spot in the poster for the upcoming The Last Jedi movie, but we prefer his style in The Force Awakens.

Black Panther

Take your pick for awesome black actors in this movie poster! Although Marvel’s Black Panther isn’t released until February 2018, this still looks set to be a diverse but still great addition to the MCU. Chadwick Boseman looks as regal as ever, but we love Michael B. Jordan appearing as nonchalant as possible whilst holding a sword and rocking that awesome hairstyle. Get excited.

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