10 Contemporary Sexy Bobs with Bangs for the Modern Woman

Short and shoulder-length bob with bangs are making a huge splash this season! They are fun, easy to style and so very chic! Stylish bangs give the traditional bob a soft and sexy look that can’t be beat!

If you are still on the fence, check out ten of the hottest styles for a modern bob with bangs and see if we can convince you to try a daring new look!

10 Trendy Looks for Bobs with Bangs

Short and Sexy Brunette Bob

Bobs have been around for centuries. Even Cleopatra sported a short and sassy blunt bob with bangs. This sleek bob is very sexy with the bangs just touching the eyebrows. It is perfect when paired with thick mascara, deep red matte lipstick and smokey eyes.

To style, add some shine serum to your hair and blow dry straight, starting at the ends and working your way down, drying the bangs first. Then apply a heat protectant and run your flat iron through small sections of your hair, starting at the roots and working your way completely to the ends. Apply a smoothing serum for a shiny finish that will also prevent flyaways.

Platinum Blonde Bob with Eye-Grazing Fringe

Short bobs are very feminine and chic. And this chin length platinum blonde bob with bangs is no exception. The long, eye-grazing bangs add a hint of mystery for a flirty, mischievous vibe.

Blow dry your hair straight, bangs first, using a paddle brush. Then apply a heat protectant and shine serum. Finish it off by making it look sleek and sexy with your flat iron. Apply a medium hold hair spray and finish it off with a natural makeup look but go heavy on the mascara for a sultry look that will drive men crazy.

Long Layered Wavy Bob with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are very much in style these days. They are fun and sexy and easy to style as they are all one length. They also add fullness to your hair. And this wavy dark bob with auburn highlights and lowlights is tres chic and stylish!

Blow dry your bangs first, brushing them forward. Then apply sea salt or another texturizing product to your wavy tresses and blow dry on low using your fingers to add some texture to your waves. Or allow to air dry after spraying a generous amount of sea salt spray on your waves and styling them with your fingers for more depth and volume.

Inverted Layered Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Side swept bangs add a bit of playfulness to any bob with bangs. And this dark and light ash blonde balayage inverted bob with wispy side swept fringe is no exception. Ask for a gradual inverted bob with shoulder-length layers in the front.

To style, make a part on the side of your choice and blow dry your bangs to the other side using a round brush. Then blow dry the rest of your hair straight with a round brush and finish with a flat iron if needed. Add a texturizing product to add volume and depth to your long layers.

Pretty Blonde Ombre Bob with Bangs And Choppy Ends

If you want a bob with bangs that has a ton of volume, this bob with long layers and thick bangs is full of volume and texture. And who doesn’t love a blonde ombre hairstyle? Start with a dark blonde at the roots and fade to a platinum blonde. Ask for choppy ends to add even more texture to this fun short bob.

To style, blow dry with a paddle brush, lifting your hair as you dry it to achieve maximum volume. Tousle it with your fingers and spray with a medium hold hairspray for body and movement.

Chin Length Edgy Bob with Textured Fringe

For those with an edgy side who aren’t a fan of blunt bobs, this chin length bob with textured bangs is very avant-garde. It’s just funky enough to give you that extra edge, but is still feminine and chic.

To style, brush your bangs forward when wet and then blow dry in the manner you want them to fall onto your forehead. Flip the pieces closest to the side of your head back for an extra fun vibe. Then blow dry the rest of your hair straight, but slightly toward the front as you get to the ends for added texture.

Platinum Blonde Bob with Beachy Waves and Choppy Bangs

choppy ends is super hot! Add some long choppy bangs and you’ll stop men dead in their tracks with this sultry bleach blonde bob with bangs!

If your hair is naturally wavy, you can spray it with sea salt spray and allow it to dry naturally for a slightly tousled look. Or, blow dry it using your fingers to gently break up your waves for that carefree look. Those with straight hair can use a medium to large barrelled curling wand to make soft beachy waves that are full of texture and movement.

Messy Stacked Bob with Bangs

Stacked bobs are a lot of fun as they add a ton of volume to your hair. And what is cuter than a messy short stacked bob with long, wispy bangs?

To style, apply a volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair with a round brush, brushing your bangs to the front. Then blow dry the rest of your layers, lifting and flipping them to add volume. Keep it a bit messy and tousled for a sexy bedhead look that is full of texture and volume. Spray with a medium hold spray to hold the style but still give it some movement for a windswept look that is playful and slightly seductive.

French Bob with Short Bangs

If you want a bob with bangs that is a bit more exotic, how about this sexy French bob with short, slightly shaggy bangs? The long layers are cut with thinning shears throughout your hair to give it a slightly, flipped out tousled flair that will make men weak in the knees.

To style, brush your bangs from left to right until to give them some volume and texture. Then blow dry the rest of your hair with a paddle brush to add fullness and run your fingers through it to make it just a little messy while adding some extra volume. Finish it off with a medium hold spray and shake it out for even more fullness. The finished look is a sexy slightly windblown look that is demure, yet slightly impish.

Splendid Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs

Short bobs are so much fun, especially inverted short bobs with bangs and lots of layers to add fullness. And some pretty light auburn highlights will add texture and warmth to your brunette tresses.

To style, blow dry your bangs to the front and then blow dry the rest of your hair, lifting as you go to give it a slightly messy look while adding fullness and movement. Blow dry your ends under a bit to frame your face for a soft and feminine finish.

Are you ready to trade in your longer locks for one of these trendy modern bobs with bangs? We think you should go for it! You won’t regret it and you will love the endless compliments you will receive for your short and sassy bob with stylish fringe!