4 Essentials to Consider Before Selecting New Residential Windows

You’ve already decided that the house could use a brand new set of windows. Now it’s time to make some decisions about what sort of windows will be used. If you happen to like the windows that are already in place, it’s easy enough to make sure the new ones are basically more efficient and attractive versions of the old ones. Should you be in the mood to go for something a little different, talking with a contractor and looking through a replacement window buying guide will provide some inspiration. Along the way, pay special attention to these four essentials.

Considering Different Materials

One of the first questions you will want to address is the type of materials used for the new windows. Along with wood, you can also go with vinyl or some type of metal. In terms of appearance, it’s possible to go with vinyl or aluminum windows that sport the same style as any wood version. What you might gain is windows that are less subject to decay and happen to retain their appearance for more years. You’re also likely to find that they require less maintenance.

Thinking About a Different Window Style

Have you considered going with a different window style? A contractor can help you compare different designs and identify the ones that work best with the look of the home. You may find that there are at least three or more styles that would do as well as what you currently have in place. There may be one of those that would significantly improve the curb appeal of your property while also providing all the features that you want.

Comparing Double and Triple Pane Glass

One of the questions you will need to address has to do with the type of glass used for those new windows. It will need to conform with current standards. That means you will likely need to compare the merits of double and triple pane glass.

Both options are great in terms of improving the energy efficiency of the home. The same is true in terms of minimizing the amount of outdoor noise that filters through the glass. Assuming that both types are in compliance with the local codes, it may boil down to how much you want to spend. In most cases, triple pane glass is the more expensive of the two. At the same time, it will also provide you with greater sound filtering and provide more control over the home’s energy consumption.

Investing in a Few Extra Features

While you’re in the process of making other decisions about the Toronto replacement windows, do consider what type of additional features would prove helpful for you. For example, have you thought about opting for windows that will tile inward? This is a feature that’s available with several window styles. The great thing is that you can tile the sashes inward so you can clean the outside of the glass. Think of what that would do in terms of helping to keep second-floor windows clean, or keeping you from having to navigate through the shrubbery in order to wash the windows on the bottom floor.

Take your time and consider all of the alternatives for those new windows. After all, you’ll be living with them for a long time. Once you settle on what you want, the contractor can provide a quote and help you set a date for the replacement to commence.