7 Ways To Keep Looking Younger

Many people worry when they look in the mirror and notice some of the first signs of aging such as fines lines, wrinkles, gray hairs, and even less vibrant looking skin. Trying to stay looking younger for longer is a natural response – no one wants to feel old, and if the face in the mirror can match the youthful feeling you have inside, this will help you feel much better. Pollution, lifestyle, even your own DNA can all conspire to make aging happen faster, but there are ways that you can overcome these issues.

Maintain A Steady Weight

Maintaining a steady weight is important when it comes to keeping you looking younger. This is much better for you in terms of looks and health than your weight going up and down all the time. There are many different ways to ensure that your weight remains as steady as possible, such as eating a well-balanced diet, swapping large portions for more reasonably sized ones, or eating more fruit and vegetables, for example.

To ensure that you don’t overeat, it is a good idea to drink a large glass of water before your meals. You will fill up sooner, and therefore, if you eat slowly, you will realize when you are full, and you would have eaten less than you might normally have done. Eating too quickly is a big problem when it comes to maintaining your weight.


Linked to the idea of maintaining a healthy weight is exercise. Regular exercise will help you to become fitter and healthier, of course, but it also helps you to look younger. To start with, when you exercise you will feel happier and more positive, and these feelings really are reflected on your face. Not only that, but your body will produce more endorphins which reduce stress. Why is this a good thing? Stress can cause conditions such as depression and high blood pressure, but it also causes wrinkles which are a big sign of aging. The less stressed you are, the fewer wrinkles you will have, and you will look a lot more youthful.

If you find that motivating yourself to exercise is difficult because you don’t see results quickly enough, take a look at the supplements on offer from RUI-Products as these might be able to help you.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun is something that ages us without us even thinking about it or, for the most part, realizing what is happening. It is the sun’s UV, or ultraviolet, rays that cause the cellular damage that includes ages spots and wrinkles. It can also lead to skin cancer in extreme cases. Therefore, covering up with sunscreen every time you go outside is essential. This is important even when the sun seems to be hazy or just doesn’t feel that hot. It is not the heat that is the issue, but these invisible UV rays and they come through no matter what kind of day it is.

Protecting your skin with sunscreen will reduce the signs of aging, and if you purchase one with added moisturizer, you can make your skin look even more healthy as a bonus.


Dry skin always looks older than it really is, which is why keeping your skin moisturized will help you to look younger for longer. Moisturizing your skin means keeping it properly hydrated, so it looks smooth and healthy. You can do this using a face wash, or by putting special creams and lotions onto your skin. Unfortunately, some people find that their skin (and in particular their face) is irritated by moisturizer, so they don’t use it, and this makes them look less youthful than they might otherwise.

If this is the case for you, don’t worry; there are many alternatives that can be used so that you can moisturize and not feel any ill effects. Natural, organic products that contain ingredients such as Argan oil rose hips, or almond oil can really help. If you can’t use anything at all, then at the very least you should spray water onto your face throughout the day to stay as hydrated as possible.


Exfoliating is the process of removing old, dead skin cells from your face and body. When you finish exfoliating, your skin will look at a lot more healthy, and will actually glow – it will feel a lot softer too. Young skin feels soft and glows, so you will be giving the appearance of youth when you do this. Exfoliating also reduces any wrinkles and fine lines on your face, and if you have an uneven skin tone, it can help you to regulate it. As a bonus, exfoliating unclogs pores and therefore prevents acne.

Exfoliating doesn’t need to be complicated to work, and there are options to suit everyone. You can pick a manual exfoliator, or a chemical one if that works better for you. You can go to a salon or spa and have it all done professionally, or you can do it at home by yourself. If you do want to go down this route, then be careful about what chemicals you use – some are too harsh and might cause more damage, so speak to a pharmacist or a doctor about your needs.

Sleep More

Beauty sleep exists, and it is important. When you sleep well for enough time, you will look younger. Your skin and hair will look healthy, and you will have increased energy levels, which will make you more active and therefore seem younger. Ideally, for the best results, most people will need between seven and eight hours of sleep a night, and it should be unbroken where possible. Of course, it will depend on the individual, but you will know when you have had enough sleep and when you needed more, and over time you can work out the best amount for you.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking makes you look positive too, and that gives you a youthful appearance. When you are thinking good, happy thoughts, you will frown less, for example, and, because frowning puts wrinkles on your face, it also makes you look older. You will seem brighter and more alert, which are signs of youth.

Even if you don’t feel like being positive, you can ‘fool’ your brain into believing that you are by smiling more. Eventually, your positivity will become real.