Arrested for Impaired Driving? 4 Things That You Need to do Immediately

Impaired driving is a term that can refer to being behind the wheel of a vehicle or appearing to be in the process of preparing to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or some other substance. If you’ve been approached by law enforcement and ultimately arrested, there are certain things that you should do as soon as possible. Here are the most important four to keep in mind.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

Contact an impaired driving lawyer and arranging for representation is at the top of the list. Being arrested on this type of charge is outside your experience and it would be easy to become confused about what is supposed to happen next. With a lawyer by your side, it’s easier to understand how to deal with the situation and hopefully work toward the best possible outcome.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

One of the most common mistakes that people make is filtering the information that they pass on to their lawyers. That’s the last thing you want to do. If anything, you want to inundate your legal counsel with details about what you were doing prior to the arrest, anything that was said or done after the arrest, and even anything that took place while you were at the station waiting for your lawyer to arrive.

Why does this matter? You’re in no position to decide what information is important. Your lawyer may pick up on some minor detail that means nothing to you, but could make a world of difference to the outcome of your case. That one reason is enough to tell everything that you know and let your lawyer decide if it matters or not.

Request That Your Legal Counsel Be Present During any Interactions

There may be attempts to engage you in conversation that has some bearing on the circumstances leading up to the arrest. It’s in your best interests to decline engaging in conversation until your lawyer is on the scene. That includes questions that may seem to be perfectly innocent.

The goal is to avoid saying anything that could make your case more complicated. Once your lawyer arrives, it will be easy enough to follow his or her lead and only answer questions when the lawyer indicates that it’s wise to do so.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice to the Letter

Even after you’re out on bail and the court date is pending, it’s in your best interests to follow your lawyer’s advice. That may include staying away from certain venues or not spending time in close proximity to certain people. Under no circumstances should you discuss the arrest or the case particulars with anyone other than your legal counsel. You never know who would ultimately end up with that information and how a casual remark could end up damaging your defense.

An arrest for impaired driving is serious enough. Should you be convicted, quite a few things will change for a long time. Rather than hoping for the best, hire a lawyer who can use every legal means to defend you. When your day in court arrives, you won’t have to face it alone.