Basic Steps to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

It may seem funny when it happens, but a slip and fall is no laughing matter. You could be looking at serious medical injury, even if everything seems fine. If this is the case, then the owner of the place where you fell may have to compensate you for your injuries. This is not automatic, and the owner may try to get out of paying you. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help ensure you get compensated for your injuries.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

This is essential for two main reasons. One, you may have suffered a severe injury in your fall. Even if the injury is not severe, it may become severe if left untreated. A quick look by a doctor or paramedic will tell you what you need to know.

Seeking immediate medical attention is also important because it establishes official evidence of your injuries. Without this record, your case may fall apart. Make sure you get checked out immediately after the fall. If you wait days or even hours, an attorney can argue that you may have sustained your injuries some time after you fell.

File A Police or Other Official Report

A police or other official report (such as an insurance report) is important because it will contain your statement of facts given while the incident was fresh. It will also contain the statements of other witnesses, if any. Therefore, you should recite a clear sequence of events when filing the report since it may be used as evidence later. Keep in mind that if you wait to file a police report, your case may begin to weaken. It may be difficult to locate witnesses or memories may begin to fade over time. Filing a report immediately avoids this conundrum.

Take Pictures

Taking photos is hard to do in emotional moments. However, after an accident like a slip and fall, it is helpful to your case if you do so. Snap away at everything you think would help show that you slipped due to no fault of your own. Take photos of your injury as well, keeping in mind that everything gathered while the scene is still fresh can prove to be valuable evidence in the future.

Get a Lawyer

Ultimately, you will need to get an attorney wherever your accident happens. For example, in Houston, an experienced lawyer will be able to take what you’ve gathered and put together a strong case seeking compensation for your injuries. Houston slip and fall lawyers are adept at fighting for injured parties’ rights and have procured compensation for numerous clients in Texas and other states. The sooner you contact a lawyer after a fall the better. Your attorney needs to be there from day one, if possible, in order to control the outcome of the case.

Everyone knows that slip and fall cases are common. What most don’t know is that they may have to fight for compensation if they suffer a slip and fall accident. Following the tips above will help make a difference if you have to bring a lawsuit. It will aid your lawyer in proving your case and getting you the compensation you deserve.