But I’m Innocent! 4 Reasons Why You Still Need an Assault Defence Lawyer

Being charged with any type of assault is a serious situation. Even if you know that there is no basis for the charge, don’t assume that the problem will simply go away. Even innocent people can end up being convicted and sent to jail. The best solution is to find one of the local assault lawyers who will take on the case and ensure that you have all the protections provided under current laws. Along the way, that lawyer will also do a few other things for you.

Evaluating the Plaintiff’s Allegations

Assessing the plaintiff’s charges and the statements that underpin the charges will be one of the first things that your legal counsel will want to do. Doing so helps to make clear what the other party is alleging about your actions. In some cases, that assessment could be the key to undermining the allegations.

If the plaintiff has made any statements or taken any actions that seem to run counter to the charges, or throw some degree of doubt on the veracity of the claim, your lawyer may be able to utilize that information to seek a dismissal of the charges. At the very least, the lawyer will have a better idea of what the other party is planning on attempting to prove in a court of law.

Hearing Your Side of What Took Place

Along with looking closely at what the accusing party is saying, the lawyer will also want to hear from you. That means discussing anything that might have a bearing on the case. While you will need to share everything that comes to mind, don’t be surprised if your legal counsel still has some questions. There’s a chance that something you’ve overlooked or forgotten until questioned will turn out to be important to the defence strategy.

Knowledge About Relevant Laws and Legal Precedents

The fact is that you don’t know a lot about laws related to assault. When it comes to precedents set by past court decisions, you know even less. Fortunately, your Brampton criminal lawyer will be aware of the laws and know how to go about identifying precedents that have some relevance to the charges that you’re facing.

Knowing laws and precedents is another way that your lawyer can work toward the best possible outcome for your case. There could be some past decision that needs to be brought out in order to make a point about your situation. Doing so could mean the difference between dismissing the case and finding yourself behind bars.

Developing a Viable Defence Strategy

With all the relevant data gathered, your lawyer will begin to structure the defence strategy. You will be a part of that process. Your lawyer will want to go over different aspects of the defence, clarify points in the evidence, and in general make sure that no aspect if the case is left unaddressed.

From the moment you hire your lawyer until the case is finished, make sure that you cooperate fully with your legal counsel. Choosing to be an active part of defending yourself against the assault charges will go a long way toward building a defence that’s effective, ensures no details are left out, and that the court has everything it needs to make a decision.