An Independent Gathering For People Of Color To Attend Kara Walker Exhibition in New York.

Kara Walker

I really loved the experience of Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety”, which I viewed here in New York City during the exhibition’s opening weekend. The show has become quite a local attraction, with entrance lines spanning multiple blocks.

Being a New Yorker who’s intimately familiar with the demographics of the art world, the lack of diversity in those lines and in “high” art spaces in general isn’t surprising to me. The sea of homogeneity that makes up your typical New York art crowd comes as a result of several complicated conversations.

Still, to view something of this nature as both an American of West Indian descent and a black woman, leaves a lingering, bitter, taste, that even thousands of pounds of Domino Sugar can’t wipe away. Especially, when you are surrounded by several acts of blatant irreverence.

On Sunday, June 22nd at 2pm, an independent group, organized by Nadia Williams, is offering the opportunity to view the piece with fellow women of color. If you are in NYC, I definitely recommend attending. Go here for more details.