Do You Have A Perfect Nose? On “Scientific” Standards of Beauty.

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Nothing sends me running to click that little “x” in the top corner of my screen faster than a “scientific” study about natural aesthetic beauty. For women of color, as well for many “ethnic” (for lack of a better term) women, noses are often a hot topic. It seems that every culture has it’s own “nose” narrative, an idea of a perfect nose that exemplifies racial/ethnic identity but isn’t too prominent.

According to a recently released “study”, the perfect female nose is upturned 106 degrees. And let’s just say that most of the images used as a examples of a “perfect” nose weren’t particularly diverse. This amazing comic from Tall N’ Curly totally blows holes in studies that don’t apply to the majority of women in the world.

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This comic was originally published at TallNCurly.