Feminist Workshop in Uganda Helps Empower Young Girls to Breakup With Their Boyfriends.

Hilda Tadria, Feminism, Uganda

Dr. Hilda Tadria is a gender specialist and the co-founder of the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF). She has been helping young women with literacy, hygiene, and social skills ever since she was a young girl. Tadria runs empowerment workshops for young women through Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women (MEMPROW), and organization which she started in 2008. During a workshop in northwestern district of Nibee, she soon learned that her work was making a huge impact on the relations between boys and girls at the school.

They said that Tadria’s workshop had led to “divorces” at the school — or rather, that girls were breaking up with boys after attending MEMPROW’s self-esteem and rights’ awareness program.

“For me, that blew my mind,” Tadria told ThinkProgress. “I had never heard of it — that in the school, these boys can assume that these girls are their wives, because of course they are doing everything for them. They wash their clothes, they give them sex whenever they need it…so when the girls started dropping the boys, the boys complained that MEMPRO is causing divorce in the school.”

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