Film Documents NYC Early Nineties Lesbian Hotspot. Set To A Score By Meshell Ndegeocello.

Cafe Tabac

Sundays at Cafe Tabac” is the story of a weekly queer salon in New York City of 1993 that transformed lesbian nightlife and gave birth to the media term “Lesbian Chic”.

This feature film documentary examines not only the event, but also the larger cultural and political context that made this salon gain “legendary” status over time. Set in the context of the gritty years of downtown NYC in the early 90’s on the heels of ACT UP and the war on HIV/AIDS, and the huge presence of lesbians in the media, lesbians were mobilized and organizing; we were liberating and redefining notions of “femininity”and self empowerment for all women…. Café Tabac’s unforgettable soundtrack and Me’Shell NdegeOcello’s ORIGINAL score will further transport the viewer to the iconic salon.

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