Home comforts to take with you when backpacking

Travelling the world to see all the wonderful things it has to offer is a fabulous idea. Not only will it enrich you culturally, but it can also open the door to new fashion and culinary influences. One of the best ways to travel and to fully experience different cultures is by backpacking. It will enable you to soak up the local culture as you travel and to connect with the local people. Of course, to make sure your trip goes smoothly you must remember the rules about personal safety and the practicalities of traveling in this way. Also, don’t forget to take some home comforts along with you to make your trip even more enjoyable.


A smartphone is an essential piece of kit to carry with you when backpacking. They allow you to keep in touch with loved ones and are a vital safety tool to pack because they provide a way to let someone know if you are in trouble and exactly where you are. They are also handy for taking photographs to record any sights or fashions that you see.

Smartphones are also superb for keeping you entertained on long journeys or when you are waiting around departure lounges. Online casino games are a great option with many people playing on the popular Betfair casino via their phone. Just remember to get the latest Sugarhouse bonus codes first to make the most of your play. Listening to music or watching movies are two other great ways a mobile phone can make any backpacking trip more enjoyable.

Family photo’s

As well as taking photos of your trip being important, bringing some with you from home is a good idea as well. Of course, you may not be able to pack many but having a small picture of a loved one in your wallet or purse is enough. Each time you then open it to pay for something, you get a blast of that warm, fuzzy feeling only home can bring. They also come in handy if you feel down or alone on your trip and need a little pick me up. It is often the small things like that which make the best home comforts to pack.


This one may sound a bit crazy but why not pack your slippers to wear in your hotel room when traveling the world? Not only will they take up little room in your backpack, but they will give you something comfy to walk around in. Popping on your slippers from home will really make you feel relaxed at the end of a long day and much happier. If you will be heading somewhere warm when backpacking, then you can always go for some made out of materials like raffia that you have worn at home first. For that added touch of refined glam, a cotton espadrille can look and feel amazing as well.

Comfy PJs

Another great piece of clothing you should pack from home is your favorite pair of PJs. Naturally, you should again choose ones that will suit your intended destination. Lighter silk ones are great for warmer countries and will really help you drift off with that homely vibe. For colder climes, you may want cotton which will keep you snug all night. Not only are they essential if you have to evacuate the room for any reason (such as someone setting off the fire alarm) but they give you something comfy to wear when you have changed out of your travelling clothes at night.

Favorite book

While smartphones are great for keeping you entertained, you might sometimes run out of charge or not have any internet connection. It is for this reason that packing one or two of your favorite books from home is a good tip. They will not only give you something to do when needed but also make you think of home each time you read them. Just don’t put too many in – books can be a bit bulky so go easy on the amount you bring along!

A few home comforts can be important

When you are heading out in the big wide world to travel, you can sometimes feel a bit daunted. That is especially true if it is your first time backpacking. Bringing along a few home comforts can make your trip more comfortable and will lift your spirits if and when needed.