How an Artist Can Make Money in Online World

By now, you must have been told that artists don’t make money, and it’s not a career you can depend on, or -even worse- that it is not considered as a career by many people. Well, those misconceptions are not valid anymore. Today, there are famous and well-paid artists around the world, who have eliminated that fear to other rising artists. Nevertheless, making money off art can be difficult at first, but using the internet will help you monetize your artwork efficiently.

Luckily for artists, the art market has expanded in the 21st century. You do not need to shift your creativity to craft or find a gallery to sell your work. By using the internet, you can make consistent, reliable and more money.

We have collected different ways to make money online with your art:

Use many resources

First, start by changing your mindset; money doesn’t need to come from one source. In the last 15 years, the internet has been changing people’s fate around the world by opening different opportunities. Work has been expanded through continents and new channels to earn money has been revealed; you can start right now to earn money with a downloadable application on your phone. By using 918kiss and other games or apps, you can make real money playing in a virtual casino. It’s an easy way to enjoy some casino games and earn fast cash. So keep an open mind on the different ways to earn money, it will definitely help you in starting your art career path and can pay off your bills and rent.

Sell your art online

If you’re a painter or an illustrator, you can start earning passive income by digitizing your artwork to high-quality prints. Post it on print-on-demand websites, on your own website, social media, or set up a shop on Etsy. Another way is to create and sell vector designs including logos, character designs, and icon packs. Many branding, media designers and artists pay money to download a vector file that will help them in their work and saves time.

Share your artistic knowledge online

This can help the recognition of your name to reach more viewers and increase your target market. You can start your own school through different websites. Either you can choose to teach students online, or create the content once and passively earn money by uploading it on a high traffic educational website. You can also share your skills through Youtube and make money from ads.

Seek commissions for your work

It might be overwhelming dealing with people who have specific needs and visions, but it surely will increase your income. Creating a page on Instagram and posting your work will increase your customer interest and they will come back to you with ideas to draw for them. Alternatively, there are other online platforms that you can create an account on and find people who need customized artwork like portraits and landscapes.

You can seek a creative career comfortably, just be brave and try one or two of those ways. Start an adventure and be patient with the results. Remember always to have several incomes, that way you will be secured if any channel has problems.