How Can I Make Bingo More Fun? A Simple Guide

“Two fat ladies, 88!” 

Bingo can be an amusing game in itself, but if you know all of the old calls and are wondering “how can I make bingo more fun” you’ll want to keep reading!

How Can I Make Bingo More Fun

The best way to make bingo more fun is to get creative! Making up your own rules with creative cards will surely add some intrigue to the game.

Create Seasonal Cards

For a little festive cheer while maintaining the traditional bingo playing style, modify your cards for the season. Instead of having people spell out Bingo, have them call out “Snow!” in winter or “Tulip” in spring. The options are endless and can be easily modified by the event.

Use Food

Everyone loves a treat so try using themed sweets as markers. Try chocolate kisses on Valentine’s Day or peppermint candies during winter. You can even use fun bits for bachelor or bachelorette parties to spice it up.

You can also use a bigger version of the candy or food-related gift cards as prizes.

Swap Bingo

For an exciting twist that might cause a bit of a fuss for some and exclamations of happiness for others try swap bingo! In this version, after a certain number of turns have been played, have everyone stand up and shift one seat clockwise and continue playing with the new card. 

Use BingoScanner

If you want to spice up your online bingo life, try BingoScanner. With BingoScanner you can play for cash prizes and the site will help you to find the best deals around, with free spin included!

Human Bingo

This is a great icebreaker and a fun way to get up and moving. Have people fill in their own bingo cards with human characteristics like eye color, hometown, painted nails, etc. and then go around and fill in their card by mixing with other plays. The first person to get five in a row wins!

Picture Bingo

Shake things up by playing picture bingo. Instead of letter and number combinations, the playing card will have pictures on it. The caller must describe the image without actually saying what it is.

Music Bingo

Similar to picture bingo, in music bingo players must locate the title of the song on their card as the song is played. Not only does this require knowledge of the songs, but the songs can be quite tricky to find. To make it easier, categorize columns into types of music like country, pop, classical, etc. 

Trivia Bingo

If you want to make a game of bingo difficult, try making it into a trivia game. You can use states, people, food, or whatever might interest your players. Describe facts about the specific item.

For example, to describe the state of Indiana, the caller could say, “This is where the Indy 500 happens.”

Play Bingo Today

Now that you have answers to the question, “How can I make bingo more fun?”, it’s time to start planning your next bingo night!

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