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How Hypnosis Can Increase Your Libido and Give You Sexual Health

According to Certified Ultra Depth Pratictioner and Quantum Healer Talmadge Harper, hypnosis can aid in increasing your libido and sexual health by tapping into your “unconscious mind”. Here’s an introductory video

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A wearable sex toy you can control from your smart phone.

Brought to you by OhMiBod, the blueMotion massager contains a Bluetooth chip and a motor which can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. BlueMotion can also record ambient sound up to 60 seconds. The product hits stores in March and will retail for $129.00.

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Will smarter package design persuade more women to buy condoms?

A team of design students at SVA thinks so. As part their Design for Social Value course and in collaboration with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), Rona Binay, Willy Chan, Mansi Gupta, and Emi Yasaka teamed up to produce the concept company “Mine”. “Mine” would give women the ability to take control over their sexual health and fight sexual double-standards.
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