Introducing Tress Free. The UK’s First Multicultural Hair and Beauty Booking Website .

Tress Free, Hair Salons UK, Beauty Booking UK

Finding the right beauty specialist is still a struggle for many black women, especially for those of us that like to switch up between natural, processed, braided, and weaved styles — in addition to seeking other services.

Tress Free, a new beauty booking site created by 23-year-old entrepreneur Princess Onitilo hopes to solve this common style junkie conundrum. The site allows users to search for a beauty specialist based on services and styles offered. They can also narrow down options by price and location and even rate the establishments that they visit.

Tress Free, Hair Salons UK, Beauty Booking UK

Born in South East London to a Sierra Leonean mother and Nigerian father Princess Onitilo has always had a calling of excellence in her life. Having graduated with honours from Warwick University with a degree in Law and Sociology the future seemed set for Princess but her entrepreneurial spirit has led her down a different path with the launch of Tress Free. The idea for Tress Free transpired after Princess regularly struggled to find quality Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty specialists. Her frustrations inspired her to teach herself how to do her own hair but she soon realised that there was a gap in the market, particularly in The Afro-Caribbean hair & beauty community, for hair & beauty booking services.

“I loved the creativity, new styles and techniques that continually emerge however I had no faith in hairdressers without a visual portfolio or long standing customers that could vouch for their skills. Instagram has helped many hairdressers and make-up artists showcase their work, which reassures sceptical customers like myself. However I dreamt of a central hub where you can compare and contrast different stylists in an easier way.” – Princess Onitilo, Founder of Tress Free.

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