Luxury Locals To Travel To In Europe

Travel has always been a lot of peoples favourite hobby or past time in which they work hard weekly to enable themselves to go away once a year to the location of their choice. Although, there are some locations in Europe that are widely regarded as some of the most luxury places on the planet and somewhere certainly worth travelling to; if the budget allows.

Monte Carlo is quite easily the capital of luxury in Europe and is known as the Dubai of the west. Travels in Monte Carlo is in a small seaside city which oozes class in the marina, like fine dining, beautiful fashion, luxury yacht bigger than most houses in what certainly gives off the smell of money. This extends even further in the evenings when the casinos open and the members are dressed to the nines to impress both in and on the casino games. Looking to go to Monte Carlo but want to try yourself on casinos before hand – why not check out

[Image: Azamara]

If it’s not Monte Carlo that you are travelling to for a luxury retreat, then it certainly would be that of the South of France and especially the French Riviera. Lined by the Mediterranean Sea, this stretch of coast is host to some of the most beautiful scenery and long been related with luxury. With hotspots such as Nice and Cannes, these locations can often be a favourite destination for the biggest stars in the world due to its accommodation of high-quality tastes and opinions.

Very popular in 2020 due to the limited amount of travel restrictions due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, Greek Islands such as Mykonos and Santorini really were one of the most sort after travel locations. Mainly down to the fact of their incredible viewed from the famous white housing and of course the hospitality from the Greeks is always second to none.

And finally, if you are looking for a different type of holiday to the three above then why not go check out Iceland and especially Reykjavik. Iceland has also recently become a resort in which is highly desired and sort after. Reykjavik offers outdoor pools, glacier walks, a view of the northern lights and all in the eye of luxury with many of the Icelandic resorts fall into the luxury category.