Making the Right Choice: What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

Searching for a good personal injury lawyer in your area?

The good news is that you shouldn’t have too much trouble at all tracking one down. With well over 1.3 million lawyers working throughout the U.S. right now, it’s not difficult locating personal injury lawyers.

The bad news is that it’s not always easy to link up with the best personal injury lawyer in the business. You could very well have to search high and low before you touch base with a personal injury attorney that you know you can trust.

Want to make sure you’re able to find a great personal injury lawyer in your city or town? Here are some of the top things you’re going to want to look for in one.

Extensive Experience

You could make the argument that almost any of the qualities that we’re about to list here are the “most important” when you’re on the hunt for a personal injury lawyer. But experience stands tall above all the rest when it comes to personal injury attorneys.

You don’t want to work with a personal injury lawyer, or PI lawyer, who just started handling personal injury cases last year. Instead, you want one who has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with within your community.

Ideally, your personal injury lawyer should have their own personal injury law firm and at least a few years, if not decades, of experience under their belt. It’ll show you that they know what they’re doing and that they’re 100% prepared to represent you to the best of their ability.

Solid Reputation

Before you even think about hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, you should read through as many online reviews for them as you can. Your PI lawyer needs to have a solid reputation in your city or town.

If you scan through a personal injury attorney’s online reviews and all that you see is one negative review after another, say “Next!” and move on to another candidate. In fact, if you see even just a few negative reviews for a potential PI lawyer, you should remove them from contention and set your sights on other lawyers in your area.

You don’t want to work with a lawyer who has let others down in the past. You could be asking for trouble if you don’t skim through online reviews prior to bringing a lawyer on board to represent you.

Long List of Services

While you’re in the process of reading through online reviews for personal injury lawyers, you should also take a gander at different PI lawyers’ websites to see which personal injury services they offer. A site like makes it easy to see what kinds of PI cases a lawyer has worked on in the past.

A good personal injury lawyer should be able to assist you with cases involving:

∙ Car accidents

∙ Dog bites

∙ Wrongful deaths

∙ Defective products

∙ Medical malpractices

∙ And more

Not all personal injury attorneys are well-versed in all of these areas. Yours should be ready to tackle whatever type of case you throw their way.

Excellent Communication

When you first reach out to a personal injury lawyer and begin corresponding with them, pay close attention to how good they are about communicating with you. Do they respond to your calls and/or emails right away—or do they make you wait a few hours or, worse, a few days to get back to you?

If you’re constantly having a tough time connecting with a personal injury attorney, they’re not going to be a good fit for your PI case. You need a lawyer on your side that’s going to stay in touch with you at all times, even when they’re busy.

Affordable Prices

Paying a personal injury lawyer is often a little different than paying other types of lawyers. While other lawyers might charge you by the hour for their services, PI lawyers tend to wait until your case is over and then collect a portion of whatever they’re able to help you win.

That being said, every personal injury lawyer approaches charging their clients a little bit differently. Some follow the formula that we just laid out, while others will charge their clients some kinds of upfront fees.

You should make sure that you work with a personal injury lawyer that you know you can afford, regardless of how you’re asked to pay them. You don’t want to win your case only to discover that you actually lost money in the end.

Proven Results

Hiring a personal injury lawyer and taking a personal injury case to court is going to require a ton of time and effort on your part. So the last thing you want to do is hire a lawyer that’s going to give you next to no chance to win your case.

You want someone who is going to provide you with real results. With this in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask a lawyer how successful they’ve been in the past with cases like yours. You also shouldn’t be afraid to ask them to be very specific when speaking about some of their past cases and what they were able to do to provide their clients with results.
If you get the sense that a personal injury lawyer isn’t a proven winner, run in the opposite direction and find one who is. 

Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Area Today

If you’re in the market for a personal injury lawyer right now, Googling “best personal injury lawyer” should provide you with lots of options. But you shouldn’t just pick the first lawyer you find and hire them for your case.

You should look for a lawyer that embodies all the qualities we just talked about. It’ll make your whole PI case a more pleasant experience and increase your chances of coming out of the courtroom victorious.

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