Meet the Ladies of Caramel Curves, New Orlean’s Only All-Female Biker Gang.

Caramel Curves

Caramel Curves is unlike any biker gang you’ve ever seen. Members of the New Orleans-based, all-female biker crew sport pink tops, pink heels, and custom helmets with punk mohawks as they ride through the streets of the Big Easy.

The group was originally founded in 2005 by the eponymous Caramel, as a counterpart to the Saints and Sinners, a biker group popularized in the late 1990’s through Hip-hop. The gang was forced to disband after Hurricane Katrina hit, and most of the original members headed to Texas and decided not to return to New Orleans. Caramel, who stayed in the city, made the choice to give Caramel Curves another try, and recruited new members. More women join the group every year.

The members of Caramel Curves range from business owners, to office workers, to even a funeral home employee. But despite their diversity, the group is all about camaraderie. There’s only one requirement to join — you have to be a woman.