The Best Natural Hotspots to Visit in the United States

Travelers will all know the struggle of deciding where they should visit next. Sometimes, the decision lies in whether there are any natural wonders that can be captured in memory and on film. With the increased changes the fluctuation in our climate is making to the environment, people are trying to reconnect with nature and see it in all its glory. There is no better place to do this than in the United States. With swathes of green wilderness, desert land, and towering mountains, the nation encompasses some of the most impressive natural attractions in the world. To help you choose a location for your next visit, you should take note of a select few states.


It is no secret that California boasts some of the most popular natural settings, such as the iconic Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe. However, one of its most magical wonders lies in the forests of redwood trees, which have been growing in the California ground for thousands of years. Otherwise known as Sequoia trees, you will recognize them from their impossibly tall tips and distinctive color. The best of them can be found in Northern California in Redwood and State National Parks. Before long, you will feel as though you have stepped into a fairy tale.


Colorado is defined almost entirely by the Rocky Mountains, which have become a haven for skiers and hikers over the years. The most accessible part of the mountains is in Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can find miles of trails that lead into a dense wilderness. Arguably one of the best times to visit is in fall, where the trees turn orange and yellow, and there are ample wildlife viewing, photography and hunting opportunities. A welcome addition to any of these activities is digiscoping adapters, which allow you to capture footage of wildlife in high definition.


There is one part of the American wilderness which has eluded people over the years, despite its increasing popularity. The desert lands of Arizona have been famed for their bright red hue and rocky terrain, which include the incredible Grand Canyon. Visits here offer you the chance to kayak through canyon ridges and take in some surreal scenery, while hiking to locations like Lipan Point at sunset is something travelers never forget. For panoramas like no other, you should follow the South Kaibab Trail, where you should remember to take your camera along with you.


As one of the smallest states in the country, Maine is often overlooked despite its stunning natural features. Aside from some glowing trees in the colder months, you can find the coastal Acadia National Park overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. As every nature lover’s paradise, this park is home to rocky coastline and sandy shores, which are an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. To catch some of the best views over the area, it is widely regarded that a trip up Cadillac Mountain will set your gaze alight.