The World’s Best LGBTQ Friendly Gambling Destinations

There are plenty of great gambling destinations for travelers to enjoy around the globe. There are also some amazing LGBTQ friendly cities that are places that members of this community love to travel to. If you are a gambler and a member of the LGBTQ community, the question is, where do these two interests intersect?

Several major cities around the world offer a fantastic LGBTQ culture as well as world-class casino gambling. These cities are each unique in their own right and offer travelers a range of activities and entertainment that are unlike any other places on earth. Here is a look at the world’s best LGBTQ friendly gambling destinations.

Las Vegas, USA

You cannot have any list of best [fill in the blank] gambling destinations without including Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. The gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas is a city where anything goes and, as their tourism campaign says, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” While most major cities in the U.S. are relatively LGBTQ friendly in 2020, Las Vegas has always been ahead of the curve. Sin City has long played host to drag shows, gay bars, gay-friendly pool parties, and burlesque acts that have made it an LQBTQ favorite.

Any of the major hotels on the strip will offer a host LGBTQ friendly accommodations, entertainment, and nightlife. Gamblers Daily Digest has a comprehensive list of the best hotels in the city. As for the individual hotels, the Luxor has the longest-running gay-themed pool party in all of Vegas and you can find gay-friendly shows at New York New York, the Tropicana, and more. Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock hotel and casino are closest to some of the best and most famous off the strip gay bars in Vegas.

London, England

Gambling and casinos may not be the first thing you think of when you think about the capital of the United Kingdom but the city has an underrated casino scene as well as a well-earned reputation as an amazing city for LGBTQ travelers. London is home to multiple neighborhoods and sections that are must-visit places for LGBTQ travelers. Some of the best for gay travelers include Soho, Vauxhall, and Leicester Square.

These three neighborhoods also offer three of the best casinos in London for the LGBT community. In Soho, the former Empire Ballroom has been transformed into the glitzy and glamourous Casino at the Empire which is the largest casino in the city. A trip to Vauxhall will bring travelers to the Colosseum Club Casino, a towering tinted glass structure tucked among all the other LGVTQ-friendly entertainment options the area provides. Finally, Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square is considered one of the best in all of Europe.

Willemstad, Curacao

The islands of the Caribbean Sea are well-known for their casinos and relationship to gambling. In addition to being home to so many brick and mortar casinos, they are also the home base for tons of online casinos. Unfortunately, not all Caribbean islands are very LGBTQ friendly. If you are looking for the island city that is one of the best for LGBTQ travelers and also has some of the best casinos in the region, look no further than Willemstad, the capital of the Dutch Caribbean island, Curacao.

Willemstad has long been considered one of the best Caribbean islands for LGBTQ travelers and 2020 will mark the island’s 8th year of hosting the Curacao Pride (September 22 – 27, 2020). They also boast the largest number of hotels and attractions in the Caribbean which are members of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA). On the casino side, Willemstad offers a wide range of casino experience and, unlike its neighbor Aruba, they offer both resort-based and standalone casino options.

Toronto, Canada

Ranked third on Lonely Planet’s most gay-friendly places on earth, Toronto, Canada offers some of the best LGBTQ culture in the Western hemisphere as well as some fabulous and truly unique gambling opportunities. Canada as a whole is known as one of the most progressive and forward-thinking places on earth which makes it no surprise that their views on both the LGBTQ community and gambling are so tolerant and accepting.

Toronto has two things going for it that you will not find anywhere else. First, The Village neighborhood of Toronto is one of the biggest and best predominately gay neighborhoods in the world. It is the center of Canada’s Pride Month in June as well as one of the world’s largest pride parades. And, while Toronto has great casinos near the city, just over 100km southwest of the city you will find casinos with some of the best views in the world. Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara are two great casinos that overlook one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.

Coming Soon… Tokyo, Japan

Currently, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the best areas in all of Asia for LGBTQ travelers. It is one of the most accepting countries in the region and has an incredible gay district, Shinjuku Ni-Chome. Here, there is a five-block area around street Naka-Dori that is home to around 300 gay bars and nightclubs giving it the highest concentration of LGBTQ entertainment in all the world.

The problem for gambling enthusiasts is that Tokyo does not have any casinos. But, that is about to change. Japan legalized gambling in 2018 and since then, has been accepting bids for three casino licenses, one of which will be for a Tokyo casino. This will soon make Tokyo one of the world’s best LGBTQ friendly gambling destinations.


For anyone who loves to travel and gamble, especially members of the LGBTQ community, these 4 (and soon to be 5) cities are among the best in the world to visit for their gay-friendly atmosphere and gambling accommodations. If these cities are either too far though or traveling to them is too expensive or time-consuming, there is always an alternative. As Steve Lyons of Online Casino Gems says, “The most inclusive casinos in the world nowadays are online casinos! No matter who you are or what you do, we are all equal and accepted in the world of online gambling. Plus, you never have to leave your couch!”