Time to Get High! the Ultimate Guide to Different Bong Styles for the Ultimate High

Did you know that bongs have been used for thousands of years? Based on archeological evidence the bong first got its start in Africa in 1100 AD. 

So why wouldn’t you be considering buying one? But with all the varieties and different bong styles, it can be an overwhelming decision. 

But that’s ok, that’s why we put together this handy list of bong types. We’ll go through what makes a good bong. As well as some features to look for to get your best smoking experience with every session. 

Let’s get started!

Glass Bongs

Some of the best bong styles are some of the simplest. Like a beaker bong, or straight tube, or even bubble bongs. But what makes a bong truly great is the material its made of. 

We don’t mean to sound biased but, a glass bong is one of the best options for superior quality. A good glass bong will be thicker, this way they are more durable. It may be tempting to go with a cheaper one, but you typically get what you pay for.

Since the 70s glass has been a favorite option for bongs among smokers. Glass can be shaped into many intricate designs. Making your piece into a functional work of art.

A glassblower can also easily add percolators or additional chambers to the glass bongs they create. 

Percolator Bongs

A percolator helps you get a really smooth hit from your bong. It does this by diffusing the smoke before it gets to the water. This helps cool down the smoke and makes it less harsh on your throat and lungs. 

A percolator can come in many sizes shapes and forms. Some of the more popular ones include beehive, matrix, and Faberge Egg percolators. These are more popular because of their many openings helping to better diffuse the smoke.

Some might say that these percolators make cleaning your bong harder. This isn’t true. This guide can help you get those hard to clean areas of your bong sparkling.

Chamber Bongs

These are also commonly called recycler bongs. Its basically a variation of the straight tube bong, but has additional chambers added onto it. Usually, more than one chamber will hold water, meaning the smoke gets filtered at least twice.

Just like with percolator bongs, the extra filter makes the smoke less harsh, making it a more pleasant overall experience.  You can also combine chambers with percolators to give you the smoothest hit possible. 

The complexities of these styles can vary greatly. Its good to remember that the more complex the piece the higher the price will be. 

Silicon Bongs

Are you kind of clumsy? Maybe you have an adorable cat that loves to knock stuff over. If that’s the case, you might need a more resilient bong that won’t break if it gets dropped.

In the past few years, silicon bongs have been gaining more and more popularity. This is probably because they are affordable, virtually indestructible, and most can be thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

These types of bongs can be made into a variety of styles including the classic styles like straight tubes, beakers, and bubbles.

Straight Tube 

These bong styles are a classic, the name pretty much says it all. When silicon bongs are made in this style it makes them very easy to travel with. They can collapse down and fold easily to pack away. 

Many silicon producers are figuring out ways to add accessories to their products without sacrificing their durability. This means you can add your ice catcher or ash catcher to your silicon piece. 

These styles are unfortunately not very stable though. The tall tube makes this bong easy to tip over. Even though the silicone won’t break, it can still make a pretty big mess. 
You might need a more stable design if you think tip-overs might be an issue.

Bubble Bongs

A bubble bong is a bit like the straight tube, except it has a bubble at the base. This bubble makes the bong more stable than the tube, and less likely to tip over. These make very good options for those of us who are less than graceful. 

Just like with straight tubes, these are also easy to break down and travel with. These styles can also be made into many different designs. Making it a highly personal piece if you want it to be. 

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bong styles are probably the most stable of this group. This is because of the wide base provides a larger flat area to help keep it stabilized. Like the other two in this group, this style is easy to clean and highly durable. 

This style also has more room than the other two, giving it more filtration. This makes your smoking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Some users have noticed that these are not as travel friendly as the others are. The bigger base makes it a bit awkward to fold up and travel with.

More Bong Styles

Some other popular styles include plastic, ceramic, wood, and bamboo bongs. These are all good materials, they are just not as popular.

Many users say ceramic and bamboo give their smoke a better flavor than the other materials. Others swear by the durability of wood and plastic. 

Many of these materials can be found relatively cheap, and in a variety of designs.

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We’ve given you the basics of the best bong styles out there. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that fits your needs the best. 

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