Top 5 Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Although diamonds seem to be the first option of a future bride for her engagement ring, there are so many unique gemstones that would be perfect as well. A lot of people are now veering towards gemstones for their engagement rings, not only because they do cost less, but because they have a unique beauty that would look gorgeous on a woman’s finger.

Gemstones can be just as durable as diamonds and can be worn every day as well. They are unique and beautiful, like a rainbow moonstone ring. Take a look at these five top gemstones if you are considering using them for your engagement ring.


Emeralds represent hope and wisdom, fertility and healing. The deep green hue is a symbol of a strong bond, which is appropriate for a couple about to start on a new life together. The emerald is also known to have specific healing properties. In the past, it was believed that this rare gemstone could help a couple have children. This is why the emerald has been a favourite engagement ring choice, next to the diamond.


The ruby is a type of gemstone that is ageless. Its beauty lingers and does not fade over the years. The highest quality rubies may even cost more than diamonds. Ruby means red, which has been a symbol of power and unwavering devotion. The ruby has been favoured among other gemstones by certain Eastern countries who believe them to be the most precious gemstone of all.


The pearl is a classic. It is a symbol of purity, righteousness, and sincerity. They say that a pearl can help heal relationships and maintain bonds. A pearl keeps you protected, including your children. It is known to attract wealth. It also produces a calming effect. Apart from all of these, the pearl is beautiful in its simplicity. It lends an air of elegance and grace to its wearer.


The stunning amethyst, with its deep purple hue has a unique appeal of its own. It represents peace and tranquility. Like the pearl, the amethyst provides a calming effect. It has been said that this gemstone helps your subconscious develop a strong connection to the divine. Because you are peaceful, your mind is more receptive. For the early Christians, the amethyst symbolized Jesus Christ because of his pure and quiet spirit. It also has its healing powers.


Another gemstone that ranks high on the list of favoured gemstones for engagement rings is the topaz. While they can come in different colours, the highest quality stone would have a yellowish tinge and appear to be almost translucent. The topaz symbolizes love as well. It is known to improve a person’s disposition and produce happy feelings. It is also a symbol of success. For couples who are about to be married, topaz is an appropriate gemstone for their success in the future.

Your engagement ring must be a reflection of yourself. You must have something on your finger that can remind you of only beautiful memories to keep through the years.