Top Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Own

Every woman needs jewelry to add more oomph and style to her looks. What are some jewelry staples? The answer to this may vary depending on your personal taste. Some women love subtle pieces, while others like everything bold and dazzling. Read on for our top picks for jewelry must-haves that will round-off your overall style.

Diamond studs

It’s often said that with jewelry, less is more, and a pair of stylish diamond earrings is just what you need to add subtle glamour to your looks. Diamond studs look great whatever the outfit and the occasion. You can wear them with a nice shirt and denim jeans, or pair them with an evening dress for a special event. Versatile, dazzling, and elegant, diamond earrings are a timeless piece that must be a part of every woman’s jewelry stash.


There’s something about pearls that make you look dainty and feminine. A string of pearls is a classic choice and is perfect if you’re looking to accessorize for a special occasion outfit. Pairing an evening gown with a string of pearls will enhance your ladylike appeal and make you look charmingly beautiful. A pearl necklace must be neither too long and nor too short. Plus, pearls pair well with most outfit colors, including cool pastels, saturated tones, and neutral hues.

Pearl earrings are a fantastic way to accessorize an outfit. Pearl stud earrings are perfect for daily wear and can go with tunics, tops, sweaters, and simple dresses. For special occasions where you need more glamour, dangling pearl earrings encrusted with diamonds and crystals is a good choice. The interplay of pearls, metal, and diamonds creates a beautiful accessory that makes you look glam without being too flashy.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a practical choice that can jazz up your everyday looks. They’re available in different styles, so you can choose a couple of designs you can wear with different outfits. For example, metallic hoop earrings in silver or gold pair well with casual outfits, including denim and t-shirts or a stylish romper. Metal hoop earrings with textured detailing give it a striking finish. Antique-finished metal earrings are a great choice if you’re leaning toward a natural or organic style. For added glamour, opt for hoop earrings with diamonds or crystals for a dazzling look that’s perfect for a cocktail party or a date night. Hoop earrings in rose gold metal or those embellished with colored gemstones such as sapphire or emerald add more color to your outfit, and are fabulous for women looking for trendier versions of this timeless classic.

Pendant necklace

A pendant necklace is a multipurpose accessory that’s available in many different styles and silhouettes. This means you can invest in a couple of pendant necklaces to build a nice collection for many of your outfits. Our tip would be to buy a thin, simple chain, and then shop for stylish pendants to create a show-stopping accessory. The chain can be used to hang different pendants, making it easy, convenient, and affordable to own and wear different types of pendants. Our pick would be a classic round pendant embellished with diamonds, crystals, or tiny pearls. You can wear it with your favorite t-shirt and denim or accessorize a blazer suit with it. Either way, this classic pendant necklace creates a perfect balance between subtle and bold. With pendant necklaces, the options are limitless, and it’s all about finding the right pieces that will help you create your unique style.

Stylish bracelet

Bracelets are a good way to dress up your wrists. Some women love to wear just a classic watch for a sophisticated look. However, if you love a dressy look, bracelets are a great option. A metallic cuff bracelet, for instance, can be worn as a single piece to jazz up a plain outfit. Cuff bracelets come in different styles, including a simple bangle design, chunky patterns with sculpted silhouettes, textured or engraved bracelets, and more. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a silhouette that complements your outfit. Layering bracelets of different styles and sizes is a trendy way to wear this versatile accessory.

Choker necklace

Choker necklace was a popular trend in the ’90s, which has made a strong comeback now. Versatile and fashionable, it’s possible to craft your own unique style depending on the type of choker you opt for. A choker necklace sits high at the neck and is a perfect accessory to pair with outfits that accentuate your neck and shoulders. If you’re wearing a boat neck shirt or a dress with a sweetheart neckline, wearing a choker will draw focus to the brilliant neckline and highlight the stylish silhouette of your outfit. Chokers are also a great fit for trendy necklines such as the off-shoulder pattern, strapless, low cut, or tube top. Since they don’t cover the neck, they draw focus on your beautiful décolletage and emphasize the beauty of sultry necklines.

Cocktail rings

Bold and beautiful, a cocktail ring is a statement piece that works as a conversation starter. Cocktail rings are available in various designs, but we love striking silhouettes featuring colored gemstones for a dazzling finish. Whatever the occasion or your outfit style, a cocktail ring is all you need to jazz up your looks. Adding a piece or two to your jewelry collection is highly recommended. On days that you don’t want to wear fancy necklaces or layered bracelets, you only need a striking cocktail ring, and you’re all set to make heads turn.

In Conclusion

Our suggestions for jewelry essentials have ideas on building a stylish collection. However, we recognize that every woman is unique and will have her own distinct sense of style. Use our ideas to get creative and add your special touch to your jewelry assortment. Using our template, build your own exclusive range of accessories you’ll love wearing day after day. Visit for handmade jewelry pieces that are different from the mundane items you’d see at a local store.