What Can We Learn from US Presidential Elections?

Long gone are the times when a person could afford not to be political. After all, is there any aspect of life that is not penetrated by politics? Politicians enact policies that have a high impact on a person’s entire lifestyle, education, health, and future prospects.

Orange Distraction

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, deep societal fissures were revealed. Primarily, Trump was elected on the brunt of his personality and the promise to end mass immigration into the United States. This promise was expressed through the vision of a massive wall on the southern border, which, when finished, would have been visible from space.

President Trump’s exuberant and combative personality remains, but his promises went out the window in his first year. No matter if you disagree with the promises that brought him into the White House, the fact remains that he started repeatedly saying that he wants more immigrants than ever before, to feed the voracious American economic engine.

New King Same as the Old King

However, what does such stark position reversal reveal about politician’s respect for the populace they are supposedly representing? Or are we naïve fools for thinking that politicians represent us, instead of the big-money donors?

It turns out, the answer to that question is already clear. The dirty truth is that people who have the most money decide the course of society. The Democrat party has gone overboard in making sure Bernie Sanders does not get the chance to become the Presidential nominee. They used every trick in the book to shatter the dream of universal healthcare, so the American health system ceases to be so uniquely inhuman compared to other developed countries.

Remember, outside the United States, it is simply unheard of that medical emergencies are frequent causes of bankruptcies. Instead, the Democrat party deemed that a cognitively-beleaguered candidate, Joe Biden, should take the reins of the country. This shocked many people, as Joe Biden would have tremendous trouble managing a local grocery store, let alone a giant country.

Behind the Veneer

As you see, if one wants to think about politics, it would be much wiser to think about it beyond party lines and specific personalities that are dominating the TV screens. For most people, the framework in which they form thoughts about an issue is served to them through corporate media.

Even with the lowest trust in media ever recorded, people are still thoroughly influenced by it. The media may have lied about many wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria), but their power still holds sway simply because they occupy the public space.

Consequently, does it matter who is elected President? Think carefully. The same moneyed infrastructure that shapes daily narratives and policies also determines which presidential candidates are viable. In the end, they are the force that shapes decisions after the presidential elections, no matter who it is.

Growing up means facing hard truths, and one of them is that we live in a managed society, not a democratic society. Democracy is simply a form of management, and it inevitably ends up in the hands of ultra-rich power brokers.

The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic reveals this stark truth in no uncertain terms. Recently, the Fed (Federal Reserve) made a deal with BlackRock to manage the Fed’s bond-buying program. It turns out, Blackrock manages about $7.5 trillion in assets globally, and close to half of all fixed income ETFs. Purchasing ETFs will be one of the Fed programs they are now in charge of. Do you see how the power puzzle clicks into place?

Where Is Your Place in the World?

As the wheels of power move behind the scenes, while putting forward politicians as useful distractions, what can you do to make your life better? Certainly, wasting time on presidential elections is not it. Instead, improve your critical thinking skills by reading different resources and, perhaps, writing your own blog.

There is a reason why essay assignments are so frequently used in schools. Essays force you to organize and structure your thoughts. While doing that, you are also testing the validity of your reasoning and if it is backed up by reality. If in doubt, find an essay writer for you, so they can guide you in the right direction.

Once you are equipped with sharp critical thinking skills, assessing reality as it is, instead of what you wish it to be, will become useful in ways you can’t even imagine right now. Keep your mind clean and your arguments viable in this adult world.