What Make Up Would Be Before Video Call

There is no doubt that our way of connecting with coworkers or your bosses has changed. Learn some tips and tricks for a good makeup for work or step-by-step video calls. It’s a fact, video calls accentuate faults! The webcam of our computer or our phone tracks our imperfections and fades the colors. But no question of being surprised by this unflattering screen! Our best ally? The make-up. Start by enhancing your complexion by applying a light foundation to the face. Camouflage your pimples with a touch of concealer and highlight certain areas with a highlighter, the forehead, chin, cheekbones and the crooks of the eyes. Obviously, if you are particularly tired, do not forget your concealer. Conversely, apply a tan on other parts to soften and refine the features of your face: on the hollow of the cheeks, temples and under the chin. Finally, highlight the eyes or the lips: play the femme fatale with a smoky-eyes or a flamboyant lipstick. Discover them!

Makeup Tips For A Video Call

Family, friends or work gatherings are now on video, and just as you used to worry about being perfect before going out for dinner or going to work, it’s just as important to pay attention to how to put on makeup to a videocall.

Few things are alike when you compare your makeup for work to what you should wear before making a video call. The light, the screen, the situation itself needs to be takes into account. Everything is different and it is important that you know how to adapt your makeup to that new reality. But don’t worry, just look around and take a few things into account to adapt perfectly to new circumstances and continue to look your best when you interact with others.

Today we tell you what makeup should be essential in times of quarantine and when to apply it, depending on some factors.

How To Make Up For A Video Call, Step By Step

Putting on makeup, combing hair, dressing well or taking care of your nails during your nails is just as important as during the rest of the year. There are not a few people who make the mistake of neglecting themselves during these weeks, without being aware that maintaining a careful image contributes to maintaining our self-esteem at optimal levels. In addition, our new way of relating through video calls requires a certain level of personal care that we must know how to exploit. But how? We tell you step by step:

The face is always clean, because flawless skin is the best canvas to apply makeup. Wash your face every morning before applying makeup to remove those impurities that reduce the shine of the skin and create blemishes such as pimples or black spots.

Use A Natural Makeup Base

Apply a base with a ‘no makeup’ effect that helps you hide imperfections but does not give you a heavy look. Another alternative is a BB cream, which will unify the tone of your skin and also provide a very natural appearance in the Free Asian cam.

Contouring Works

Especially if you enjoy a lot of natural light in your house, you should work the volume with a good contouring, since the sunlight tends to flatten the expression. On the contrary, if you do not have too much natural light, the shadows will exert the effect of contouring on your face and therefore it is not necessary to work with makeup.

Corrector for the most complicated areas. It is important to improve the appearance of areas such as dark circles, which in a video conference highlight more. Here it is also very important that you take into account lighting. In the case of abundant natural light, apply a concealer that is not too whitish and blend it well. If, on the other hand, you do not have as much natural light or it is at night and you have to turn on the lights, you must bear in mind that the shadows will be deeper in the area of ​​the eyecup and therefore you must work the lighting with the concealer.

Light must be used to appear in its best light. Use the techniques of professional photographers by placing a lamp in front of you to avoid the disastrous effect of the backlight. Indeed, if you are back to the light, nasty shadows may accentuate the features drawn from your face. While if you have the light in front of you, your complexion will be smoothed and you will immediately look good . However, avoid too white lights and choose warm and warm lighting. If the weather is nice, just stand in front of a window. Sunlight will immediately warm your complexion!