Woman Claims that Salon Put Relaxer in Her Natural Hair Without Her Consent.

Natural Hair Relaxed Without Consent

In the past, I’ve heard murmurings of the salons supposedly sneaking relaxer into a shampoo and conditioner when working with natural haired clients, but often doubted how prevalent such a practice could actually be.

According to a salon patron from Georgia, her hair was relaxed without her consent when it was being shampooed prior to receiving a blowout. When she noticed the damage a week later and contacted the salon, she says that she was told that putting relaxer in shampoo when working with natural hair is pretty standard. A screenshot of the still unknown customer’s Facebook post about the incident, complete with a picture of her damaged hair, has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

As the image and post continue to spread, users have taken to the salon’s Yelp page, among other spaces, to warn potential customers.

Lizbeth Dominican Hair Salon, which was named in the post, has taken to Facebook to deny the accusations.

The comments under the post make it pretty clear that a lot potential customers aren’t siding with the salon’s side of the story. Other commenters have been sharing their own experiences with being relaxed without their consent. This situation is proof that when it comes to the acceptance of natural hair, we still have a long way to go.