Young Thug Wears Alessandro Trincone for the Cover of ‘Jeffrey.’

Alessandro Trincone

When Young Thug revealed the cover of his highly anticipated mixtape last night he had folks going wild. While Thugger is pretty well known by now for his gender bending, androgynous fashions, this latest look really took things to the next level.

The rapper wears a look by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone. Trincone who received both of his fashion degrees from schools in Florence, Italy, also studied extensively in Osaka, Japan. The Japanese influence is very apparent in his work, in addition to his apparent commitment to pushing the limits of androgynous design. The collection that Young Thug’s look from is called “Annodami.”

According to Trincone,

“Annodami” talks about my own experience with oppression and self fulfillment. Being raised in a socially rough environment, it has always been a challenging issue to express myself; I have gradually understood the importance of loving yourself as it is the only real protection from “evilness”. I believe we are only able to stand against fear with a crystal clear reflection of our inner selves .

The visual translation of this idea are mainly connected to Japan and its iconography, such as the Ban Gasa, sushi and the Japanese flag. Through the study of the Kosode trousers and traditional kimonos I built a bridge between my Napolitan sartorial heritage and the Nippon culture, a culture clash expressed through overly draped garments, very tight waists, knots and bows. The emphasis on the waist expresses my idea of protection, redefining tightness as a synonym of strength.

The androgynous identity of my inspirational garments reinforces my belief of no-gender boundaries between men and women. The feminine side of every male is explicitly shown through the whole col- lection, hoping to introduce a new meaning of masculinity, far from the traditional imagery society has car- ried through time.

Check out some additional views of Young Thug’s look, as well as more images from the “Annodami” collection by Alessandro Trincone.

Images via Not Just A Label, Brankopopovic Blog, Fashion Clash