Get to Know Flora Coquerel. Miss France.

Flora Coquerel, Miss France 2014
There was some racist backlash (and by backlash, a few racist idiots who got some media attention) when model and beauty queen Flora Coquerel won the title of Miss France back in December of 2013.  The highly anticipated pageant, Miss World 2014, is tentatively scheduled so keep an ear out for announcements. Below you’ll find a video in French about Flora. For non-French speakers here’s the gist of what’s said in the news clip:

Flora Coquerel is representing Miss Orleanais (or Miss Orleans) at the most recent Miss France competition. She was born in Benin– her dad is French and her mom is from Benin. She lived in Benin until she was about three years old and has lived in France since then. She studies international commerce at university and her “platform” for the pageants is about showing the cultural diversity of France and that the meaning of being “French” is changing.

Video transcribed by  Danielle T Walters. Merci Dannielle!

Here’s a list of the already crowned beauties who will be competing in the pageant.