Introducing ‘Thurst.’ A Queer Hookup App Created by Two Queer Black Developers.

Thurst, Queer Hookup Apps, LGBTQ Alternatives to Grindr, Tinder

For LGBTQ individuals, hookup apps can present a myriad of challenges. Many users report harassment, fetishism, or a general lack of understanding on spaces like Tinder and Grindr. Enter Thurst, a queer hookup app, created by two queer black developers. Like other hookup apps, Thurst is a geolocation app that allows users to connect with and potentially hookup with those closest to them. Unlike those other apps, Thurst offers more options that are specifically tailored to LBGTQ users. According to the developers of the app, Thurst will include,

• Levels of privacy and security features for trans and non-binary users
• A comprehensive list of gender identities, pronouns, sexuality, and relationship styles
• A section to designate kink and fetish
• Search based on a variety on non-gender based factors
• Filters based on PoC/Non-PoC designation and political beliefs
• Use of aliases and unlimited name changing
• Blocking and reporting options and a detailed policy regarding abuse, consent, and violence in various online and offline spaces
• Levels of non-oppressive identity verification to block predators, trolls, and known community abusers
• A well designed verbal and visual messaging system with unlimited storage

Thurst is currently in process of raising funds. To support Thurst, headover to their fundraising page.